The Serpent

I think of myself as a refined watcher of films. Meaning that I definitely have high standards and opinions. This helps me when it comes to writing film reviews. But there is the rare occasion in which I really don’t know what to say. The Serpent, directed by and starring Russian model Gia Skova, is one of those. I am at a loss for words because the film is that bad. It is a right mess! Story, directing, acting, dialogue seemingly written by a six year old, and even the dubbing of Skova’s voice is laughable….all awful. What else can be said?

In case you still might want to watch this for poops and giggles here is a short resume of the story – Agent Lucinda Kavsky is part of a covert part of the CIA. She is given a special assignment (yours will be to get to the end of the movie LOL) which goes all wrong. Lucinda soon discovers that the people she is working for are setting her up. Not a woman who gives up against any odds, she decides to get to the bottom of what is going on.

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