The SAT presents the series of shows – Marée Nocturne

Finally, nightlife is back! This July, the SAT is launching a new event series for music lovers craving musical discoveries. Marée nocturne features a line-up of concerts, DJs and VJs, reunited at last with their audience in a space transformed by amazing scenography.

This first edition’s programming showcases both must-sees and new discoveries of the Canadian music scene: avant-garde rapper and poet Cadence Weapon, R&B artist Magi Merlin, neo-folk singer-songwriter Whitney K., the experimental performance of TDA, psych rock project of polymathic multi-instrumentalist ALIAS, creep-pop quartet Night Lunch, a four-handed DJ set by Priori and Project Pablo, and to close out the series, San Farafina and AKAntu from the Moonshine collective.

The scenography of Marée Nocturne was entrusted to multidisciplinary artist Kelly Nunes, known for his monumental NEWT public art project in Miami, as well as for the Celestial Cycle artwork series at Montreal’s Never Apart gallery. Nunes brings a holistic vision, mixing multiple forms of media to create experiences that push the boundaries of perception and narrative. For this series, he will be joined by VJs Bunbun and Jason Voltaire to create an original hybrid experience for both in-person and online audiences. 

“Lying under the moon, 
a night tide washes over us.
We vibrate together, finally.”
July 10, 16, 17, 23 and 24 from 8 p.m. to 10:30 pm
In-person in the Espace SAT + Livestream
Tickets: $20 (+taxes and service fees)

Capacity limited to 60 seats in a seated formula
Bar service offered on site
July 10: TDA + Night Lunch 
TDA is the solo project of post-punk multi-instrumentalist Samuel Gougoux. Involved as a drummer in several bands of the Montreal scene (VICTIME, Corridor, N NAO, Jonathan Personne), he experiments with electronic and industrial music.
Bandcamp : TDA
Night Lunch
The members of Night Lunch have toiled in the shadowy corners of Quebec’s own sin city, enriching its DIY scene for the better part of a decade, manifesting in such esteemed combos as Baked Goods and The Marlees. Now as Night Lunch, their retro-futurist sex-syrup concoction is fully realized; patented, potent, and keenly produced; emerging from the lo-fi mud to reveal a shimmering gem of pop immortality.Website : Night Lunch

July 16: Whitney K + Alias
Whitney K. 
The creative vehicle known as Whitney K. has existed since roughly 2014. Initially forming as a notion while songwriter and perpetual wanderer Konner Whitney was stranded in Toronto. For the most part the emphasis has been on songwriting with little attention paid to genre or style. Sounds ranging from electronic to folk, rock to bedroom pop have all been released under the moniker. However, for the last few years Whitney K. has been building toward a vision of modern country and guitar based music that seeks to marry sonic elements of “classic” eras with a lyrical focus on the present and future.Facebook: @Whitneykilla 
Multi-instrumentalist, composer, dilettante, polymath, Emmanuel Alias went through more than four paths before arriving at his eponymous psych-rock project, ALIAS. After 9 years studying jazz, he arrived in Quebec in 2014 and began working at XS Music, where he participated in the composition of music for HBO series and for Cirque du Soleil.And, in parallel with all this, he maintains a small plethora of projects to accommodate his need to explore genres, releasing punk, hip-hop and ambient albums under different pseudonyms, before landing on ALIAS.Website : Alias Band
Facebook : @AliasBandOfficial 

July 17: Cadence Weapon + Magi Merlin
Cadence Weapon
Cadence Weapon is Edmonton-born, Toronto-based rapper, producer, writer and poet Rollie Pemberton. The son of a pioneering hip-hop radio DJ, Pemberton grew up around a diverse library of music. Splitting his time between Edmonton’s experimental electronic and underground rap scenes as a teenager, Pemberton eventually developed a hybrid of both styles. Using elements of trap, drill, grime and acid house, Cadence touches on themes of systemic racism, structural inequality, police profiling, gentrification, the internet’s pervasive effects on our lives and the surveillance state.
Website: Cadence Weapon
Magi Merlin
Underpinned by an uncompromising introspection while exploring themes surrounding her own racial identity, love, and personal growth, Montreal-Based Magi Merlin sprinkles her otherworldly aura & clever lyrics upon a unique brand of alternative R&B & Neo-soul. The release of her jaw-dropping single & Music Video “Walking to the Dep” as well as her last EP “Drug Music” have left people wondering how they might’ve never heard of the project before. One thing is certain, Magi will not stay underrated for long.Video : Magi Merlin 

July 23: Jump Source 
Jump Source is a collaborative effort between two pals, Francis Latreille (Priori) & Patrick Holland (Project Pablo). It all started on a Thursday afternoon in Montreal’s Mile End at Francis’ home studio. Over an MPC 2000XL, Moog Source, modular kit, and some Junos, the two tweaked breaks and blended pads until things sat just right. The duo venture through various strains of dance music in the studio, focusing on intuitive longform recordings full of quirks – subtle, yet dense. Though their independent work differs, the throughline of influence can be heard across the Jump Source catalogue, and through their choice of records.

July 24: San Farafina + AKAntu (Moonshine)
San Farafina 
Colliding up-tempo club beats with the ethos of modern afro sounds, Farafina, a Montreal-based DJ, curates an ethereal fusion that draws inspiration from her diasporic roots and eclectic upbringing. She fuses the signature chords of future bass, the unrefined nature of garage and the erratic rhythms of afro-house and reggaeton to create a story that can only be told through sound.Video : San Farafina | Boiler Room: Streaming From Isolation with Moonshine  
Few DJs understand the complexity of sound and the technical process of their music like AKAntu. Born in Congo, both MC and DJ, he developed a passion for music at a young age, finding solace in his father’s production studio, where he learned musical creation techniques with sound engineers, DJs and musicians. Inspired by the sounds of its roots, AKAntu’s music crosses Congolese Rumba towards a melodic whirlwind that mixes genres. By merging 90s RnB, deep house influences and jazz riffs to the sounds of his native land, AKAntu’s performances reflect his journey, an odyssey that takes us to the source of rhythm and movement.Video : Moonshine | Collective TV 

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