Writer/director Isaiah Smallman’s (first feature film) dramedy is something that music fans in the time of COVID can totally relate to. Live music venues have been dropping like flies. Places where great music has been played and memories made.

Rollers is a place where a lot of people saw live music which touched and moved them. That includes Rufus Paisley (Johnny Ray Gill – from television’s BrainDead) whose parents own the venue. A closet alcoholic, Rufus gave up a music career to help run Rollers. He tried every trick he knows to save the place but seems to be spitting into the wind. His friends are just telling him to move on though this stress is not helping with his drinking.

Plenty of heart mixed with attempts at humour. Heart is in the right place in that it is a film which is trying to show us that change is not necessarily a bad thing, but at the end because of the cheesy dialogue, poor vision and uneven acting it never really is fleshed out.

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