The Body Fights Back on VOD

Diet culture is evil. That has been proven over and over. Yet the pressure to look a certain way has led to women and more and more men, young and old, putting themselves and their bodies through hell. All this pressure has led to a rise in eating disorders and body dysmorphia. Plus all the damage yo yo diets and diet products are havocking.

Here five people are featured who are trying to make their way through the treacherous roads of diet culture while seeking happiness, perfection and being seen as desirable. All this has led to bouts of starvation, over exercising, binging, and purging. These five people are all different sexes, sexual orientations and races, demonstrating that the pressure does not leave any stone unturned. While they are quite different, how they are affected is quite similar.

While they all find themselves obsessed with foods 24/7 this turns to different forms of destructive behaviours like overeating or compulsively exercising. The good feeling they get from dieting and the like is fleeting, as it is followed by stuff which makes them feel bad. Really bad – body and mind. When all the layers of this are unpeeled, what is revealed is that it, at its essence, is not about food at all.

Amazingly this is the first feature documentary to take on the evils of diet culture. Plus look at it from a very inclusive perspective. New information which has surfaced on nutrition along with weight science and long held falsehoods are revealed and opened up for discussion. For instance, how body size is not in all cases related to a person’s overall health. BMI has been used to make people feel bad about their bodies and lesser humans and here it is shown to not be the only indication of health.

Alongside interviews and time spent with the five subjects is footage from London’s anti-diet movement which is presently growing. The documentary goes a long way towards giving us a tempered and complete view of body image issues and eating disorders.

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