Discover the first four themes of MUTEK Forum

Artificial intelligence, extended reality (XR), digital and sound creativity and challenges of the music industry on the program of the Forum

A few weeks ago, we unveiled the musical and audiovisual performances of the Festival that mark the return of live experiences in several places in Montreal. To arouse our curiosity with the experimental Play component or to explore the many facets of electronic music with the Nocturne series, the indoor programming promises real collective emotions and sound and visual pleasure thanks to the talent of our artists from Quebec and Canada.

In order to stimulate our minds and discover the most innovative ideas of the music and digital industry, MUTEK Forum also offers many activities from Tuesday, August 24 to Thursday, September 2 on a dedicated platform, rich in resources and international connections.

The first four themes are revealed below with nearly fifty experts and creators from all over the world before presenting all the conferences, panels and discussions that will make up this 7th edition of the Forum at the end of the month.

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The 7th edition of the XR Salon
MUTEK Forum continues its exploration of the metaverse begun last year, in particular through the circulation and distribution of works in extended reality (XR) or the accessibility of virtual reality with the SATELLITE project of the Société des arts technologiques. The conventional limits of storytelling will also be pushed by the intervention of the creator Sabrina Calvo.

The imaginaries of artificial intelligence (AI)
While Benjamin Bratton (University of California San Diego) will examine the future of politics and the role of AI in a post-pandemic world, Ali Nikrang (Ars Electronica Futurelab) will look at cross-cultural approaches to collaborative composition between humans and machines while Nao Tokui (Qosmo) will demystify AI-based musical creation.

The new frontiers of digital and sound creation
The most innovative artists will be honoured through several project presentations, whether as part of the AMPLIFY D.A.I Collaboration Fund, which stimulates international collaborations between 80 artists and practitioners, or the Hexagram interdisciplinary network, which is dedicated to research-creation practices dealing with the relationship between arts, cultures and technologies.

The challenges of the electronic music industry
This year, the Forum will address pressing environmental concerns through a series of events presented by Love Ssega of EarthPercent,an environmental sustainability organization recently co-founded by Brian Eno and guest speakers from Client Earth, A Greener Festival and Music Declares Emergency.

Soundworks, a recently launched sound meditation app, will host a panel of artists and academics showcasing creative approaches to conscious sound experiences, while Montreal startup BeatConnect will partner with local producers to illustrate how to make music collaboration more accessible to creators.

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