New Quebec Film Sam in Theatres Soon

In cinemas from Wednesday July 28,
everywhere in Quebec!

Antoine Olivier Pilon 
Mylène Mackay 

Stéphane Rousseau 
Milya Corbeil-Gauvreau
Pierre-Yves Cardinal

and others!

Directed by Yan England

Written by Yan England  André Gulluni

Produced by Denise Robert  Diane England


“SAM” is a psychological thriller set in the sports world. It tells the story of Sam (Antoine Olivier Pilon), a 22-year-old top athlete, who finds himself at the heart of a dramatic event with unsuspected sprawling repercussions.

One thought on “New Quebec Film Sam in Theatres Soon

  1. Sam was an amazing film, superbly crafted. I watched it on an airplane. At the end the feeling was “WOW”. I thought about it for days afterwards. Congratulations to the film makers and actors. Your work was excellent.

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