The Korean Film Festival Canada (KFFC) launches its 8th edition from Sep. 30 to Oct. 30, 2021

A new visual identity for the 8th KFCC, inspired by “Dancheong”

Korean Film Festival Canada is about celebrating and showcasing Korean cinema and culture while creating strong intergenerational and intercultural connections. This year’s festival identity was inspired by Korean roof tiles and Dancheong (단청),  Korean traditional decorative colouring. Dancheong is recognized in Korea as a national intangible cultural heritage. By incorporating these elements through minimal, modern design, we bring Korean and Korean-Canadian culture to the forefront in today’s contemporary context. The festival acts as a bridge, both geographically and temporally; the KFFC connects East and West, tradition and culture in modernity.

Canadian and International films are invited to a new section, SIDE-BY-SIDE, at KFFC 2021

Characterized by a theme-focused film festival, the 8th edition of the Korean Film Festival Canada (KFFC. September 30 to October 30, 2021) expands its films with SIDE-BY-SIDE, a new international section that includes Canadian, and world films. This year’s theme is “Women’s Perspective in Korean Film: Narratives Beyond Borders (1950-2021. Series II),” and the new selection is installed in Side-by-Side, which also invites international films from Canadian and Indigenous filmmakers. The thematic film festival offers a deep focus on the national cinema of Korea and mirroring diverse perspectives with the world cinema on a chosen topic each year. 

This year, the KFFC will be co-organized with the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Montreal. The festival is also supported by La Ville de Montréal, the Asian Studies Centre at the University of Montreal (CETASE), ELAN, the Korean Film Commission, the Korean Film Archive, Productions Multi-Monde, Jeonju International Film Festival and Asian World Film Festival.

ART-Talks, a hybrid form of Conferences with Asian Art Publication Lab at the KFFC 2021

Montreal’s Asian Arts Publication Lab organizes ART-Talks, a hybrid form of Conferences in conjunction with KFFC. Singularly, this festival co-organizes a hybrid form of conferences known as ART-Talks, which include diverse talks from artists, scholars and students in the form of audio-visual essays, photo essays, ppt and traditional form essays. 

For this year’s theme “Women’s Perspective in Korean Film,” ART-Talks is inviting you to submit an essay in the format of your choosing on any of the given topics from the submissions sheet that relates to the topic of women in Korean cinema. By all means, you are free to go beyond the topics we have listed. In addition, a new category has been named “EMERGENTS” and is opened for University students and cinephiles (public). The sky’s the limit! 

The essay will be presented at the conference, which will take place on Saturdays during the month of October 2021, the 15th, 22nd and 29th (EST: from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM). 

Carte-Blanche, Shining on Multi-Monde Productions’ 30 years of achievement!

This year, KFFC will honour Multi-Monde Films/Distribution with Carte-Blanche at KFFC. By shedding light on crucial humanitarian topics, Multi-Monde celebrates its 30th year of creating incredible documentaries, fiction, and animated films. The founders of Multi-Monde, Directors Malcolm Guy and Marie Boti, are embarking on a new era by exploring various perspectives on the world with artists from diverse backgrounds. The KFFC would like to underline their long-standing contributions with Multi-Monde by taking advantage of the Carte-Blanche that has been granted to KFFC. With the Carte Blanche, KFFC invites Multi-Monde to showcase three films that were produced and curated by them. This occasion will offer KFFC a chance to revisit the best works produced and distributed by diverse filmmakers. 

Stay tuned for Multi-Monde films featured at the KFFC!

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