US Indie Film THE LAND OF OWLS premieres August 17 on VOD!

First Run Features presents
A New American Indie Feature Film

The Land of Owls

Streaming begins August 17 on Apple TV, iTunes & Amazon

The Land of Owls follows a pair of Brooklyn couples working through their relationship issues at an upstate retreat. In the isolation of the Catskill Mountains, the retreat leader pushes the couples through a weekend of exercises that force them out of their calcified comfort zones. Removed from the routine distractions of city life and engaging in honest communication for the first time, they have a chance to rebuild their partnerships – or to leave them behind.
Patrick Letterii is a director, writer and producer. He is producing Lead and Copper , a feature-length documentary about the Flint water crisis, to be released in 2022. His commercial production work has won Cannes Lions awards. Patrick is also an editor with clients including IBM, MTV, Paper, Billboard and the Wall Street Journal.

Ricardo Dávila
Blake DeLong
Emma Duncan
Emma Lahti
Ronald Peet
David Rysdahl
Jasmin Walker

THE LAND OF OWLS, 79 minutes, color, 2021, US
Director & Writer: Patrick Letterii
Producers: Brian Dekker, Randa Dekker, Chris Letterii
Director of Photography: Nona Catusanu
Editor: Coralie Jouandeau
Casting: Kate Geller

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