BRAIN FREEZE by Julien Knafo Opening Film at FANTASIA FILM FEST

In theaters in Quebec on October 29

The world premiere of the feature film BRAIN FREEZE by Julien Knafo will take place on Thursday, August 5 in the presence of the artists and crew of the film, but also of professionals from the film field, at the Imperial Cinema (1430 Rue de Bleury, Montreal).


At the start of winter, in an upscale enclave where leisure and money know no bounds, a golf club contracts an unethical multinational to genetically modify its turf to stay open year round. The water of Île-aux-Paons thus becomes contaminated with a “revolutionary” fertilizer that has the advantage of melting snow, but turns its inhabitants into mutants. Before his eyes, André, 15, sees the outbreak of the devastating epidemic that makes him an orphan. Horrified, he must fight for his survival and that of his one-year-old sister when he meets Dan, a 50-year-old security guard and survivalist. Faced with an emergency, André and Dan will launch an investigation that will lead them to the Golf Club chalet. But this will not happen without losing some feathers in the process …

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