Destination Marfa

Marfa, Texas (a town I had never heard of before) provides the setting for this sci-fi film. Besides being the place where the film Giant starring James Dean, Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor was filmed, Marfa is known for the lights that appear in it. Mysterious lights. Some call them ghost lights. Some think they are from UFOs. No one really can explain it. Well, Andy Stapp’s debut film, Destination Marfa, tries to supply a different explanation for the lights. A creepy one.

Four life-long friends are, with the goal of attending a cookoff, on a road trip over a long weekend. Suspicion is that this might be their last road trip together as adulthood and all that entails beckons them. They decide to go off their route and end up stopping in the small town of Marfa, Texas. This turns out to be a big mistake for the four young people.

There is certainly something unique going on here. Actually, in all honesty, I say that because for the life of me I am not completely sure what was going on here in the film. Hard to follow. Not because it was complex, rather it was confusing. As strange and inexplicable as the lights and what is actually going on in Marfa. As a result, I found myself losing focus. Could not stay concentrated on the film. That combined with the low production values and the often wooden acting sounded the death knell in my books.

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