The High Life @ Bentonville Film Festival

In regards to television, we have come a long way of late. Our choices are no longer limited to whatever is on network television. Now we have channels like HBO, VOD platforms like Google and Vimeo, and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. They claim this is the golden age of television. Now, I am not sure more choice means better quality, but it is certainly better than limited choice.

It is in an environment like that which series like The High Life can be made. Not everything has to be big and splashy. You can have a low-budget series that is good. As long as the story and acting are decent you have the main ingredients for something tasty.

At this year’s Bentonville Film Festival The High Life pilot episode is being screened In Competition in the Episodic category. A half-hour show about a family dealing…well, with each other and life. We kick off with the death of a beloved aunt that reunites the Gold family. Chaos, religious awakening, secrets revealed, desires uncovered, looking for the answer to the age-old question of “who am I”, search for meaning in today’s world, and nudity ensue. Sounds like good television, no?

The High Life is the baby of actress/producer/creator/writer Stephanie Sanditz, who plays prodigal daughter Evie, returning for the reading of the will. Her family does not exactly welcome her back with open arms as she has burnt many bridges due to her addiction issues. Episode 1 features plenty of comedy and light moments, but there is substance behind all of it. Meaning the message here is not doled out in a heavy-handed manner.

Many will fall in love with this diverse family as they recognize people from their own brood within the Golds. Despite their flaws they are all rather likable and who doesn’t like to watch a family which is messy?

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