Dream Horse

Simple and straightforward. The film by Euros Lyn (director of episodes of Broadchurch and Doctor Who) is not a tricky one in that it gives you exactly what it promises to. Everything about Dream Horse screams underdog and sentiment. You know that going in. You probably selected the film just for that reason. You know it will make you smile, cheer and even shed a few tears.

Based on a true story, a few residents of a small town in Wales come together, led by the dream of Jan Vokes (Toni Collette – The Sixth Sense, Little Miss Sunshine). She, wanting more in life – something to get her out of bed in the morning, is inspired by Owen Teale (Damian Lewis – from television’s Billions) and decides to set about breeding a racehorse. After convincing a few of her town’s residents, who are not exactly rich, to form a group of investors into the costs of raising and training a racehorse.

A horse is born and named Dream Alliance. During the first couple of years of his life, the horse forms a bond with Jan and her husband Brian (Owen Teale – from television’s Game of Thrones), who raise him on their property. After a couple of years, he is sent to train with a famous racehorse trainer. Dream Alliance shows promise but not many truly believe in this underdog except for Jan and the syndicate.

We often criticize shows or films for being predictable. Like most of our lives aren’t predictable. Dream Horse is predictable and there is nothing wrong with that. Like the horse, the film is full of heart. Constantly tugging on your heartstrings or tickling your funny bone. An old-fashioned kind of film.

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