Short film at Fantasia 2021- IS IT ME

Is It Me, an intimate portrait of a bio drag queen. Body dysmorphia takes centre stage in this highly visual
examination of the selves we invent to navigate the world.

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The link to IS IT ME:


Emma Russer
Directed by
Christopher T McGill
Produced by
Siobhan Fahey
Director of Photography
Johnny Belanov
Executive Producer
Nick Higgins
Mahmud Hasan Kayesh
Christopher T McGill
Valerie Theuns
Sound Recordist
Alan Lamb
Sound Designer
Robert Cowden
Sound Mastering
Marco Biagini
Music Composer
Donny Gray
Stills Photographer
Valerie Theuns
Craig Andrew Robertson

My aim with this film is to raise awareness of body dysmorphia as a mental health issue and facilitate dialogue. I want to explore mental health and its expression through the bio drag art form,
challenging audiences by dealing with a difficult subject matter through the subjects use of fetishistic and pornographic symbolism. This film offers the audience an opportunity to explore the
bizarre and beautiful world of the film’s subject through a prism of mirrors and laser lights.

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