The Legend of Tayos

Deep in the interior of a cave a Hungarian explorer claims he has discovered something he dubs a “Gold Library”. I write claims because he is missing evidence of said gold. Because of the dubious nature of the discovery there is many a doubter. He does not let things go so fights for the recognition he believes he is owed from religious leaders and local governments.

Sometimes secrets revealed can change history. The 86 minute documentary was directed by Galo Semblantes. Semblantes brings to light Janos Moricz story of his exploration of the Ecuadorian cave. Moricz journeyed deep into the cave back in 1969. After discovering the gold he went to see a lawyer to procure a public deed. Because of what he claimed to have discovered in this cave deep in the Amazonian jungle, it attracted plenty of attention. For instance, the Ecuadorian government financed an expedition with the goal of recovering and extracting the treasure. Unfortunately, that did not go as planned. After two months in the jungle the expedition was scrapped.

Who was telling the truth here? The further you get into the watching of The Legend of Tayos the more questions crop up. The intrigue of this plus the rather Indiana Jones nature of the expedition and cool visuals draw you in as a viewer. We see that things are rarely as simple as they first appear. For instance, besides being deep in the jungle, the Tayos caves are on the lands of Shuar territory and they rarely grant access to their sacred land. Because of these and other reasons the knowledge about these important caves seems to have been lost in the process. A shame!

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