The Great: Season One

Plenty of period pieces have been made for television series. The Borges, Downton Abbey, Peaky Blinders, Outlander, and many others. The Great is another one to add to the pile. But it is very different from the rest. Different in that it is based on true events but has plenty of over-the-top humour involved in it. At times it is rather outrageous. In a good way. Stands out from the crowd as a result.

Here we are plunged into the world of Catherine the Great of Russia. We see this important historical figure from her very introduction to Russian royalty. An intelligent, though rather sheltered Catherine (played by Elle Fanning) is arranged to marry the Emperor of Russia, Peter (played by Nicholas Hoult). Not really knowing what she is in for, Catherine comes in with ideas of romance in her head. Those are quite quickly knocked out of her head due to the outrageous behaviour of Peter. The good part is that it launches her into the beginning stages of becoming the leader who would aim to change things resulting in her people adoring her. To accomplish all this she has to go up against the military leaders, defeat the leaders of the church and win over those in the royal court. Oh yeah, and kill her husband.

Highly entertaining in a rather unexpected way. It is so different and zany that it takes a little time to adjust to the nature of The Great. Once you do, however, the payoff is big. Delightful. The combo of Fanning’s intelligence and determination and Hoult’s craziness is a delectable combo.

Be warned there is plenty of off coloured language and nudity. Definitely for adults and not young people.

Special Features:

  • Bold and the Brash: Inside The Great
  • Palatial Panache: The Style of The Great
  • Gag Reel

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