The Girl Who Got Away

Many of us feel that we have a one that got away. That takes on a whole different meaning when the one is a serial killer. Intrigued? Well, you should be because in regards to a premise for a horror film it is a cool concept. One that should come with plenty of scary moments. And yet…

Back in the late 90s in the state of New York, child abductor and serial killer Elizabeth Caufield (Kaye Tuckerman – Scenes From a Breakup), a generally delusional person, abducts five children. She then pretends they are her children. Only to kill them all except for Christina Bowden, who managed to escape from the ramshackle house she kept them in.

We are now in present time and Christina (Lexi Johnson – The Nice Guys) is an adult trying to put her past behind her. that plan is put on hold when Elizabeth manages to escape from prison and is intent on finishing what she started two decades ago putting Christina in her crosshairs.

Cool concept, poor execution. is how you can sum up this film in four words. The script, by director Michael Morrissey (Boy Wonder), is really that one good premise then nothing. Meaning it is not a fully fleshed out idea which leads to a film which is about ten minutes of viable story stretched out to make it a feature length film. It is very thin. For a thriller/horror to work you have to believe in its plausibility so you are actually tense while watching.

Then there are other issues like scenes not flowing into each other, rather feeling like they are stand alones just stitched together. Characters not behaving like any person actually would. While other scenes just don’t work. To top it all off, a lot of the acting is poor.

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