The Greatest Show on Earth – Blu-ray Edition

The 1952 Oscar winning Best Picture film has been released on blu-ray. It is a Cecile B. DeMille film starring Charlton Heston, Dorothy Lamour, Jimmy Stewart, and Betty Hutton. During a time when it was seen as THE live family entertainment option, it makes sense that the circus found its was into film. Here you get one of the best filmmaker of his era attempting capture the sights, sounds, thrills, and smells of being at the circus. A film which is one of the most respected ones of the Golden Age of film.

A Ringling Brothers-Barnum & Bailey circus is the background for a tale involving love, comedy, action and some despicable behaviour. A group of traveling circus performers go through a tragic train crash which impacts their lives and livelihood. Excitement and drama ensue.

While watching I kept thinking this was a film which begs to be seen on a big screen with all the sights, trapeze work and other circus visuals going on. That being said this restoration really brings new life to the almost 70 year old film.

DeMille was a genius. This film really shows that. He manages to truly get across what it takes to get a circus up and running. Lots of details here. Details which allow the viewer to gain insight into all the work involved. The building an entire world/community and then pulling it down and packing it up to travel to the next city. The director does all this whilst also juggling a story about a love triangle. He manages to keep all the plates in the air and keeping things interesting and relatable. Ok, that is the last circus pun…

Special Features:

  • Filmmaker Focus: Leonard Maltin on The Greatest Show on Earth

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