Superhost on Shudder

Having made a name as travel vloggers, Claire (Sara Canning – from television’s The Vampire Diaries) and Teddy (Osric Chau – from television’s Supernatural) have recently seen their readership numbers go down. Action is required. With the rising popularity of weekend getaways and AirBNB they shift focus to targeting this segment of the population. So they decide to make some videos they hope to go viral of Superhosts.

Rebecca (Gracie Gillam – appeared in episodes of Scream Queens and Z Nation) is their latest superhost and so the three begin working together. Superhost or not, Rebecca is a off her rocker. This is going to be a weekend that Claire and Teddy never forget.

The horror genre is ripe with over the top, campy performances. Here is another one by Gracie Gillam to add to that every growing pile. She gives everything to make Rebecca as unhinged as possible. Crazy eyes like you have rarely seen. This is not a subtle performance. Lurking around, seemingly everywhere the couple is, Gillam really conveys that desperation to please and get a good review. Then there is a short appearance by horror legend Barabara Crampton.

If you are expecting a film which really delves into the inherent stangeness of us being okay renting spaces owned and occupied by others as well as all the stuff which goes on online then you are going to be disappointed. There are no layers here. Brandon Christensen’s (Still/Born) film is just meant to be entertaining and occasionally scary. Even verging on dark.

While the film is not awful it does have the feeling of something which would have been more effective as a short film or a television episode rather than stretching it really thin to make a feature film.

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