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Fresh Kill
A Film by Shu Lea Cheang

The first feature film from artist and digital pioneer Shu Lea Cheang brings her radical experimental vision to a viciously political and campy narrative of two young lesbian parents who fight against environmental racism in the form of radioactive fish lips.

2K Restoration!
Painted Landscapes of the Times
A Film by Helene Klodawsky

This energetic and moving film introduces Sue Coe’s passionate art and explores her vision. Produced early in her career, it remains the only film on her work. In the tradition of Käthe Kollwitz, George Grosz, and Otto Dix, Coe’s visual journalism has a keen ideological thrust that identifies and addresses aberrations in our society. With a fierce precision, Coe uncovers the base violence inherent in a range of political and social issues—from apartheid and the arms industry, to rape and gentrification. Yet, as the film reveals in a spirited exchange between the artist and young people, Coe’s work is accessible to everyone.

Painted Landscapes of the Times features one of Coe’s most memorable works; “Woman Walks into Bar — Is Raped by Four Men on the Pool Table — While 20 Watch”. First exhibited at PPOW Gallery in 1983, this powerful and prescient painting now belongs to the Museum of Modern Art.

Kelly Loves Tony
A Film by Spencer Nakasako

In this captivating take on documentary co-creation, Kelly Saeturn and her boyfriend, Tony Saelio, both refugees from Laos who grew up in the US, record a year and a half of their own lives as Kelly balances her hopes to attend college, a pregnancy, and her relationship with Tony, an ex-con trying to reform.

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