The Equalizer: Season One

A series starring the highly likable Queen Latifah which debuted last season on CBS. The premise behind The Equalizer is a particular woman who used to work for the government has now forged out on her own and has as her mandate to help those who have nowhere else to turn.

Rather mysterious about who she is and her past, Robyn McCall does have mad skills. Skills of the variety and extent which are hard to find in one package. Not your typical single mom raising a daughter. Through her highly specialized work, she is not only seeking to help others but also looking for some redemption.

Equalizer is not a new concept. It was previously a television show in the late 80s starring Edward Woodward in the lead role and then was a feature-length film with Denzel Washington. As much as everyone likes Queen Latifah I am not sure this is a good fit for her. Most often while watching her I found myself not believing her in the role. Not sure that something this physical is in her wheelhouse. As such the action sequences are edited in a jittery way that they are not realistic at all.

The writers don’t exactly help the actress out here in they have provided her with such clunky dialogue I am not sure if any actor could make a purse out of this sow’s ear.

Besides Queen Latifah you also get familiar faces amongst the cast in Tory Kittles, Lorraine Toussaint, Chris Noth, and Adam Goldberg.

Special Features:

-A time for a New Equalizer

-The Mystery of McCall

-Lies, Spies and Allies