Alexandra Moreno to unveil the single “Mirror” on October 1st off her album temp•e•rance

Born to a Peruvian father and a Quebecois mother, Alexandra Moreno split her time between Montreal and the Eastern Townships before moving to Vancouver in 2019. Her creative process began in 2017, after a trip to Peru, where Alexandra followed in the footsteps of her father, who passed away in 2000. The trip was the catalyst that allowed her to transpose her emotions into song.

temp•e•rance is her debut album, the result of a quest for identity that developed during a road trip to Western Canada and the United States. The bilingual eight-song mini album is divided into three chapters, each one co-produced by one of Mélanie Frisoli, Alex Métivier/Alex Météore (Amylie) and Isabelle Banos (Caveboy). In almost all of the songs, we find sounds of nature – the ocean, birds, a campfire, footsteps -recorded during her journey in British Columbia.

After releasing “Un vol pour ma tête” on August 22nd, Alexandra Moreno is now releasing the second single off temp•e•rance entitled “Mirror”, which is scheduled for release on October 1st. Written in Vancouver and inspired by painful personal relationships, the song describes the mirror effect when a person denies the perception of what one reflects.

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