Boss Baby: Family Business – 4k Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Edition

A case of too many bosses and not enough workers. What I mean is that everyone seems to be a Boss Baby in this the second film in the Boss Baby series. Boss Babys are wall to wall in Family Business.

The Templeton name is associated with success and mega money. Both Ted (voiced by Alec Baldwin) and his brother Tim (voiced by James Marsden) have grown up and become mover shakers. Though during the time they were chasing the almighty dollar they have grown apart. But now a new boss baby, Tim’s daughter Tina (voiced by Amy Sedaris) who is working for BabyCorp, brings the rival brothers back together to work together towards a common goal.

Following the path it forged in the first film, writer and director Tom McGrath is back with a film that has laughs for young and old alike. Meaning it aims to be a film which slots into the family film lane. A film not too complex for kids and not too annoying for adults.

While it tries to be like the first film there are some differences and those changes don’t make for a better film. This one is not as good/funny as the first. There are several parts of the story that simply don’t make any sense. In the end, this part of the review is for adults. Kids will still love the film. While adults will be turned off by all the chaos, young people will revel in it. It seems like they tried to jam in a ton of story in the usual 90 minute run time so the pace is a lot/hectic. Too much at times.

On the plus side, you get Alec Baldwin in another buffoon type character. Usually, you get sick of an actor doing the same type of character again and again, but there is something about him. Gets me every time. James Marsden, who takes over the role of Tim from Tobey Maguire, also does a good job. And gets another opportunity to sing which is always pleasant. The only voice casting which did not work for me was Amy Sedaris. She just never was convincing as Tina.

Special Features

-Digital copy

-Precious Templeton: A Pony Tale

-Deleted Scene with Intro by Director Tom McGrath

-Never Grow Up: The Big Babies

-Behind The Boss Baby: Family Business Roll Call

-Creative Experiment Lab

-Boss Baby Art Class: How to Draw

-“Together We Stand” Lyric Video

-Feature Commentary

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