The Medium on Shudder

A Thai filmmaking group has decided to film a documentary on a medium. Not just any medium but one who is believed to be possessed by the spirit of Bayan. The filming of the doc is to take place in a remote village located in the northeast part of Thailand.

Once there the film crew is told that Bayan is an ancestral God who has been possessing the women in Nim’s (Sawanee Utoomma – The Promise) family for generations. Now Noi (Sirani Yankittikan – first film), Nim’s sister, is the latest. Things took a turn for the even stranger when Noi refused to be inhabited by Bayan and turned to Christianity. As a result, Bayan to take up residence in Nim.

Noi has a daughter named Mink (Narilya Gulmongkolpech – first film) and she has been exhibiting strange behaviour. She is occasionally aggressive and even displaying multiple personalities. Because of her strange behaviour, Mink has been fired from her job. Noi refuses to allow an Acceptance Ceremony be performed so Bayan can take up residence in Mink.

The further the filming goes along the more family secrets start being revealed. One thing more strange or horrific than the last. The entire environment becomes quite dangerous…for everyone.

Filmed in Thailand and a co-production of Thailand and South Korea, the horror film was directed by Bajong Pisanthanakun (One Day, Pee Mak) and it has won awards at film festivals along with doing well at the South Korean box office. Now it is streaming on Shudder.

Plenty of scary/tense parts in the film. Enough to keep a viewer interested. Though anyone who is going to watch must be warned that you have to be able to tolerate scenes of cannibalism, incest, self-harm, and animal cruelty. They don’t shy away from horror elements that many would consider unpalatable. Why those scenes work is because they are not gratuitous, rather they are essential to the story.

Ever since The Blair Witch Project was released in 1999 found footage horror films have grown in number. So much so that many roll their eyes at it. When films like Unfriended, V/H/S, The Gallows, and As Above So Below were rolled out many became bored with the style. But when done well it is effective. Stick with it and you will be rewarded as the tension grows as the film goes on. You do have to have a stomach for gore and horror.

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