30 Bikes: The Story of Homestead Bicycles

Now before you out there turn away from this film because you are not bicycle/BMX fans, I have to say that this is more about a man trying to figure out life, decisions he made and where to go now than it is about bicycles. I am not a BMXer at all yet found this documentary quite compelling due to the highly relatable human element.

As a young man, a teenage Alden Olmstead did something amazing – he started his own company, Homestead Bicycles. Something others could not even think of accomplishing. Just that alone is something to be applauded. Olmstead was a BMX fan and turned that passion into a business. He wanted to make bikes which he knew others would love to ride. Painstakingly he designed and had constructed Homestead Bicycles.

Unfortunately, like many other start up/independently owned small businesses, Homestead Bicycles went belly up. Olmstead was like a boat with the wind taken out of its sails. He was adrift with no real purpose in life. A couple of decades went by. Then all of a sudden one of his bikes pops up on a website. Now he is revisiting his past. Figuring out what went wrong. If any of his bikes still exist and contemplating starting up the company again.

Before the X Games came along there were these young people on the ground floor of the BMX craze. Being passionate about bikes and doing tricks on them. Listening to Olmstead talk about this time will I am sure be like time traveling for some who are watching. Really nostalgic about a time when they too were young and wild about BMX bikes.

30 Bikes: The Story of Homestead Bicycles is available on VOD including on Amazon and Apple TV.

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