Rhapsody of Love

In this Australian romantic comedy, a wedding planner and a wedding photographer meet and sparks fly. While watching I was thinking that it made me think of a combo of a film like Crazy Rich Asians and a series like Ted Lasso. The first because of the diversity within and the fact that it tells a story largely from the point of view of Asian characters. While it was like Apple TVs hit series Ted Lasso because it has the same size heart – large!

Rom coms often deal with the time when a couple comes together. Not often concerned with different stages of romantic relationships. Here writer/director/actor Joy Hopwood has constructed a tale that focuses on four different couples, all at different stages of their relationships. The common theme is that at no stage is it easy. Communication and honesty are key.

Rare is the from com that deals with more than the falling in love. Here, though, we are also dipped into a timely subject like mental health. Looking at how anxiety can overtake how a person lives and is seen by others. I also appreciated the snippets about body positivity. A refreshing change of pace especially in this genre which is usually ruled by beautiful people with perfect bodies.

Those are the good bits. What is weak overall in the film is the cast. Their acting, pretty much to a man and woman, is poor. So poor/wooden/lacking timing that it takes you out of the story.

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