Play it Safe

Systematic racism. Racism of many kinds. Most of us don’t think we are racist. And yet…it is there. Quiet yet insidious. Not always overt or even meant and yet the damage is done. Director Mitch Kalisa’s award-winning short film illustrates just that. From the point of view of the victim who has to get the courage up to challenge it or simply play along resulting in the behaviour being perpetuated.

Racism exists in every nook and cranny of society. Even in a place of learning like a classroom. Jonathan (Jonathan Ajayi – Wonder Woman 1984, The Drifters) is in his drama class and comes face to face with it. A fellow student has written a play and asks Jonathan to play a part which perpetuates a racial stereotype. No one else seems to notice it or even acknowledge it. So it is up to Jonathan to choose between keeping quiet or challenging the position he has been put in.

Not willing to continue allowing things to go unsaid, Mitch Kalisa has made a film that shines a strong light at unconscious racism. It is all done in a very creative and intelligent way with a soupcon of uncomfortable thrown in for good measure. Making the viewer uncomfortable is totally warranted as racism is not going away and it is way, way past time it goes away. For good.

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