Poly @ Cinemania

A film you have seen many times. Sometimes that is a comforting thing. Sometimes it is just boring. This one exists somewhere in the middle.

After breaking up with her husband, Louise (Julie Gayet – The French Minister) and her daughter Cecile (Elisa de Lambert – first film) move from Paris to a more rural part of France. Much to Cecile’s chagrin. She misses Paris, her friends and her dad. Louise is working as a nurse in town and since it is summer vacation Cecile is left on her own.

Bored and without much to do, she discovers a circus has come to town. Intrigued but without the money needed to go into the circus, Cecile sneaks in. While hanging around she sees the circus’s star attraction, a pony named Poly being mistreated. The 10-year-old decides she is not going to allow this to happen and comes up with a plan to free Poly.

Of course, once the pony disappears the circus owner searches for his star. As do the police. Somehow a 10-year-old and a pony manage to elude everyone including her mom and a widower named Victor (Francois Cluzet – French Kiss, Tell No One).

This is one of those films in which things go along exactly as you think they will. Despite that and the characters being caricatures, you still think the little girl is cute and the horse is adorable. You want to follow their story. A film you can watch with your entire family. Those are rare. But still won’t make much of a mark.

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