When Light is Displaced @ RIDM

A short film by Zaina Bselso which combines the visuals of an orange orchard and a discussion between a daughter and father about the situation in Palestine. A lot is crammed into the six minute run time of the film. Father-daughter dynamics, the horrible situation in Palestine, a conversation between two people with different outlooks, how making a film can be a political act, and how an orchard can illustrate human existence.

Despite all this activity, there is not a rushed feeling to the short. It breathes just like one would while standing in the middle of the orange orchard. Filled with interesting visuals and even more interesting conversation.

In California, there is an orange orchard which has begun disappearing due to urban sprawl. It is the last one in Los Angeles. Filmmaker Zaina Bselso is there with her father. They engage in a conversation. She tells her father that she is thinking of making a film which reminds her of the orange orchard. It is about the disappearance of the Jaffa orange in Palestine. That the subject of her film, Palestine, finds itself in a similar situation.

As the conversation continues it becomes the father and daughter having that topic lead them into one about what it is like living in exile from your country. We see the difference of how this is viewed by the two generations. Zaina discusses how she is not sure that via the film she is making she will be able to convey this.

Can film replicate reality? Yes? No? Who knows. Here we are confronted with that question along with a few others.

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