Les Amours d’Anais @ Cinemania

Typical French rom com. One featuring a female character who we should not like, but because she is so charismatic we cheer for her.

Anais (Anais Demoustier – Alice et le Maire, Les Neiges du Kilimandjaro) is 30 years old and her life is still not settled. She is broke and has just broken up with her boyfriend…kind of…she has asked him to move out of their flat as she needs more space. The problem is she cannot afford the flat anymore. Though she does not seem too concerned about that. Anais is a young woman who lives completely in the moment.

At a party she meets an older man named Daniel (Denis Podalydes – The Da Vinci Code, Cache). Though he is married, Daniel falls for Anais and soon the two are lovers. But soon Anais has broken it off with Daniel and finds herself in love with his wife, Emilie (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi – Summer of 85, Saint Laurent).

The film made its debut at this year’s Cannes in the Critics’ Week section. Cinemania brings us its North American premiere. It is the debut feature for director Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet (Pauline Enslaved).

It is a film which is rather light on story and as breezy as the coast of France during summer. While not something which will stay with you very long it is an easy watch. Has the feel and look of an old romantic film.

Anais Demoustier is the reason why Anais does not become grating. Even though she is self-absorbed, flighty and a little silly we still like her. That is because Demoustier is charismatic and makes Anais engaging.

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