7 Short Films About (Our) Marriage

Indie films are rather intriguing. Often they suffer from lack. Lack of big studio behind them, a lack of money, a lack of time, etc. This does not mean they are “lesser” films though. Often they are smaller in scope but larger in the human element. This film is a perfect example of that. Seven interconnected short films which look at all marriages through the lens of one marriage. We see one marriage from the day of the wedding to after it ends.

Christopher J. Hansen’s (Blur Circle) film follows the relationship of Noah (Drez Ryan – The Nest) and Madison (Chynna Walker – Claw), an interracial couple, on the day of their wedding where after a talk with her father (Sean Weil – appeared in episodes of Boardwalk Empire and Gotham), Noah begins to doubt if they are doing the right thing.

They do get married and each short film that follows brings us through a different stage of marriage – a young struggling couple as they figure out how their careers – he is a filmmaker and she is a dancer – fit into their marriage, racial issues, medical issues, and a few more. They are pretty much your typical couple and yet you see how challenging being and staying married can be.

Here we see that even though there is love in a marriage, it is sometimes not enough. Problems can be faced that cannot be overcome no matter how much you love the person you have chosen to be with. We go through 14 years with Noah and Madison. Though there are many ups and downs during that span of time you really feel it is organic. Nothing even close to histrionics happens. All of it is highly relatable even to those who have not faced the same issues. What you will find yourself interested in is the connection between the two. The human element and challenges of life. Never is there a moment that you think that they do not love each other. It illustrates how hard it is. How two people can come together and then through all that life tosses at them and the changes they themselves are going through, that combined with all the stresses inherent in this life even the strongest of relationships can fray or fall apart.

7 Short Films About (Our) Marriage is now available on most streaming platforms.

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