Blonde Purple

A bank heist gone wrong and a small time criminal out of his depth. One wrong move leads to another and then Wyatt (Julian Moore-Cook) finds himself in a situation where there is no chance of going back from. He ends up in a bank with a teenage hostage. In flashbacks, we see how Wyatt got here while things get trickier and trickier inside the bank.

A heist film done slowly. Not typical but you can see what British director Marcus Flemming is going for here. He was attempting something emotional and even cerebral rather than pure action or brawn. Works on paper, but not in execution. Ends up just dragging. A lot. The ideas are intriguing. The film is boring.

The film could have done with another round in the editing room. A good trim of 20 or 30 minutes would have done it well. Because it is too long any bit of energy this slow burner has fizzles out.

All this buries the best part of the story. The tale, which has been told time and time again, of black men and the police is a timely and important one. How black criminals are seen and treated is a subject that must be investigated/shown for the horror that it is in film until we get it right.

The film is available on digital download now.

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