Female Founded App Parry Launches to Keep Women Safe

Changing the technology space for women’s safety, Parry, announces the launch of the app designed to give young women the tools and support to feel secure in every situation. The founder, Claire Guentz, is a self-proclaimed true crime junkie and the daughter of two FBI agents who has seen how women’s safety is often overlooked or discounted as being paranoid. The app is available today for iPhone users providing a subtle way to get out of uncomfortable situations. Parry is designed for a woman who finds herself on a date that is going south, hopes the creepy guy at the gym will finally take a hint, or to avoid unwanted attention at a college party before it escalates into something serious. 

The app works by selecting a pre-set timer that will call the mobile phone providing a fake, but realistic sounding phone call to answer as an excuse to move away from an uncomfortable situation. Timers can be set for thirty, sixty, or ninety seconds, or thirty and sixty minutes in advance to delay the phone call as needed. Parry users also have the choice to select from several pre-recorded calls, or they can record their own for a more personalized touch. For an added layer of safety, the user can select emergency contacts to be texted and alerted with their exact location to let their emergency contacts know a situation may be escalating. 

Parry is available to download today through the Apple Store with a 7-day free trial or to purchase at $1.49 per week, $2.99 per month, or $29.99 per year. 

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