BRAZEN from Netflix I Trailer & Key Art Debut | Starring Alyssa Milano | Based on the novel by Nora Roberts

Film Release Date: January 13, 2022
Monika Mitchell

Screenplay by: Edithe Swensen, Donald Martin, Suzette Couture, based on the novel “Brazen Virtue” by Nora Roberts
Producers: Stephanie Germain, Peter Guber, Peter E. Strauss

Executive Producers: Harvey Kahn, Alyssa Milano

Starring: Alyssa Milano, Sam Page, Malachi Weir

Brazen. Sam Page as Ed in Brazen. Cr. Sergei Bachlakov/Netflix © 2021

Prominent mystery writer and crime expert, Grace (Alyssa Milano), hurries back to her family home in Washington, D.C. because her estranged sister summons her. When her sister is killed and her double life as a webcam performer is revealed, Grace ignores the warnings of cool-headed detective Ed (Sam Page) and gets involved in the case.

Brazen. Alyssa Milano as Grace in Brazen. Cr. Sergei Bachlakov/Netflix © 2021

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