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Quavo is one of the members of the popular rap group Migos. He grew up in the city of Atlanta and this YouTube Originals production sees him return there. The return is for a particular reason. He wants to investigate the link between basketball and crime/poverty amongst the youth living there.

As a young person growing up in the city, Quavo was very much into sports playing both basketball and football. He was a very good athlete, was the quarterback for his high school’s football team, though he never graduated from high school. He values sports and education and wants to give young people the chances he did not have at their age.

Here we are introduced to the city of Atlanta via basketball and a variety of courts or facilities being built. Information about the city is provided not only by Quavo but by other famous residents like former mayors Andrew Young and Kasim Reed, artist/activist Killer Mike, former NFL star Walter Stith, and former WNBA player and now Atlanta Dream co-owner and vice president Renee Montgomery. All talk of what they have or Quavo has done to contribute to the betterment of the citizens of Atlanta.

The more the series goes on you begin to understand how important sport and in this instance, basketball can be to people. How the opportunities and life skills that basketball offers can benefit young people. How these courts, strategically placed in historical areas, become second or even first homes to youth in Atlanta. Give them a place to be, teammates to bond with and skills of a wide variety to learn. How basketball can give them access to education that they might not have without it as they earn scholarships. How it keeps them away from trouble of all sorts.

Basketball is shown to be more than a game or sport but something that allows young people to chase their dreams. And even attain them. Basketball not only gives them opportunities but adds to their families and even the community at large.

Set against the backdrop of all this the series also illuminates what is wrong in Atlanta (and by extension probably many other cities in the United States) and what needs to be done to fix the problems. How they are clinging to hope in tough times. A look at racial inequality and the American Dream.

You can watch the all-new special above and check out others on the Migos official YouTube channel.

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