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 Tënk has unveiled its upcoming online programming. To accompany the holiday break and the coldest days of December, the Tënk team has put together an eclectic documentary program to be discovered online, in the comfort of your home.

Fragments of a filmography: Luc Moullet

From December 17 to February 12, Tënk presents three films by Luc Moullet, a French filmmaker with a unique and keen observer style who has been able to cast his sharp and playful gaze on the society around him in order to better reveal its faults.

From December 17

●● Ma première brasse by Luc Moullet (France, 1980, 43 min)

“Not knowing how to swim, I imagined it would be a great day for me to learn to swim. […] The film, therefore, depicts my relationship with water before the big day, and my one-off learning odyssey.” Luc Moullet pushes to the absurd this 43-minute autobiographical film, filmed at 43.

●● Origins of a Meal (Genèse d’un repas) by Luc Moullet (France, 1978, 117 min)

Wondering where what he eats comes from, Luc Moullet traces the economic circuits of tuna, eggs and bananas. A documentary that paints a dizzying portrait of current globalization.

●● Anatomy of a Relationship (Anatomie d’un rapport) by Luc Moullet and Antonietta Pizzorno (France, 1975, 79 min)

Luc Moullet and his partner Antonietta Pizzorno co-produce an auto-fiction. In a relationship for three years, they have a sex life, but one day, she no longer wants to do it. Without him realizing it, she never felt pleasure with him. He rebels and, together, they improve their techniques. A film whose reflections are set against the backdrop of the women’s liberation movement.

From December 24

●● Merry Christmas, Yiwu by Mladen Kovačević (Sweden/Serbia/France/Germany/Belgium, 2020, 94 min)
An intimate film about the daily life of Chinese workers caught between the communist culture of their country and unbridled liberalism in Yiwu, a city with 600 factories, where Christmas decorations are produced for the whole world.

●● When Tomatoes met Wagner by Marianna Economou (Greece, 2019, 72 min)

Aided by Wagner’s music meant to encourage tomatoes to grow, two cousins team up with grandmothers from a small, declining Greek village to plant the tomato seeds they’ve perpetuated for centuries. A bittersweet documentary that reminds us of the importance of reinventing ourselves in times of crisis and the power of human relationships.

From December 31

●● Yours in Sisterhood byIrene Lusztig (United States, 2018, 101 min)

Shot across the United States, Yours in Sisterhood invites many women to discover and perform letters sent in the 1970s to the editor of Ms., America’s first mainstream feminist magazine. Taken collectively, these writings constitute an almost literal invocation of the second-wave feminist slogan, “the private is political.”

●● Jacquot de Nantes by Agnès Varda (France, 1991, 118 min)

Tracing the childhood and adolescence of young Jacques Demy, Agnès Varda not only evokes the early attraction of “Jacquot” for cinema, but also never ceases to go back and forth between his many sources of inspiration (fantastic characters, the city of Nantes, his parents…) and some of his films.


Tënk.ca is an independent subscription-based documentary streaming platform available online across Canada. It was launched in Quebec in February 2020 by a team of enthusiasts and documentary professionals. Tënk is a year-round film festival whose mission is to renew the way we look at the world through the broadcast of strong and unique films. Tënk was first created in Lussas, France, in what is affectionately known as The Documentary Village. With the arrival of Tënk in Canada, a real network is being created to ensure the broadcasting of the best of documentary cinema.

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