Concept cool. Putting the idea in place = not cool. Not all the fault can be heaped on the shoulders of director/co-writer Amy Hesketh – Paranoia Tapes) as the two leads in the film – Bobby C. King (The Card Counter, Easy A) as Rucker and Cheyenne Lee (first feature film) as Maggie – are uneven at best. King, primarily a stuntman, is energetic in his attempt to bring Rucker the Trucker and serial killer to life but it demanded less enthusiasm and more subtlety. And as for Lee, you could tell she is pretty much a rookie actress as her performance was rather wooden.

There is an interesting family drama here with husband-ex-wife issues as well as estranged father-daughter things going on. Buried deep within Rucker there is something, in the right hands, which could have been truly watchable. Maybe a solution would have been to eliminate the entire serial killer/poorly done neck slashing scenes. They are distracting in their ineptitude. The special effects are rather poor. Actually laughable.

Tucked within there are some interesting choices the director made in the telling of the story. Like the childlike illustrations bringing to life the letters a young Maggie wrote to her absent father. While watching those moments I really wished that there were more.

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