Infinite – 4K Ultra HD Edition

Based loosely on the novel released in 2009 and penned by D. Eric Maikranz, Infinite was made into a film by writers Ian Shorr and Todd Stein and directed by Antoine Fuqua, who has directed music videos for Toni Braxton, Prince and Stevie Wonder as well as the films The Replacement Killers and Training Day. A fantasy story that leans heavily on the superhero genre and uses the idea of reincarnation to move the story forward. It is an interesting concept and kinda like the Marvel film The Eternals which came out in 2021. Read on to see if it separates itself from that film and is worth your time investment of 1 hour and 46 minutes.

During his teen years, after he carved words in his chest, Evan McCauley (played by Mark Wahlberg) was diagnosed as schizophrenic. Like many, that stuck as an explanation for his behaviour. Now an adult, Evan once again gets into trouble. This time he meets Bathurst (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor), a strange man who seems to want to get something out from the depths of Evan’s mind. He tells Evan that he is not mentally ill and that they have actually known each other for centuries.

From there, things get even more incredible for Evan. Nora (played by Sophie Cookson) comes into the picture next. She is part of a group called the Believers and asks Evan’s help to find something known as The Egg. Bathurst is also looking for this doomsday weapon but for a completely different reason than the Believers. Evan, whose mind is blown, has a decision to make. Bathurst or the Believers.

Highlights of the film are the cool visuals and the performance by the always excellent Chiwetel Ejiofor. When Ejiofor is onscreen you cannot take your eyes off him. He really commits to his character. Dylan O’Brien is also strong as Treadway. A disappointing performance by Wahlberg. The emotions and shock he has to portray seem just beyond his capabilities.

The novel was aimed at a young adult audience whereas the film is definitely for an older audience. There are some awkward moments in the transition from one age bracket to the next but all in all it is a film that will keep you entertained.

There is a lot to absorb here. Much going on at all times whether it is an intellectual or action scene. Always different layers to take in if you want to get the most possible out of Fuqua’s film. It does go somewhere – there is potential, but it is not always fully realized.

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