The Runner on Shudder

A mix of a horror film, documentary and an 80s music video, The Runner is about a strange woman who voyages to a rural town which is quite secluded. Once there her violent compulsions begin to slowly emerge. A descent begins into the mysterious. Who is a predator and who is the prey? Question not easy to answer here.

You get an examination of lust, compulsion and the evil side of seduction in Jae Matthews and Augustus Muller’s film, The Runner, available now on Shudder. It is at times creepy and moves from genre to genre quickly. There are intellectual moments followed by very gory ones.

Proving not an easy film to categorize, The Runner is a sort of companion piece to the album release by Boy Harsher (Matthews and Muller). The electronic music duo met while at film school so this album and film should not come as a surprise.

The highlight of the short 40-minute film is the music or score which plays an important part throughout. Dark pop that screams out for visuals. A kind of meta-doc is woven in and features the making of the music of the album.

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