I’m Not in Love

What is love? Tricky that question. It certainly is not quantifiable. As such, humans have a hard time with it. A hard time identifying or even certifying that it actually is legit as a concept. So movie after movie comes out trying to illuminate the subject. Col Spector’s (Honeymooner) I’m Not in Love is being added to the pile and is hoping to stay near the top. What I will tell you is that it is better suited for the middle of the immense pile.

Sex and dating are what this anti-rom com is set up as focusing on. It attempts to be edgy and cool. Taking a different look at love and what that word does/could/should mean. But trying to illustrate that is kinda like holding sand in your hand without letting it slip between your fingers as it does in an hourglass. Like that escaping sand, what the film is actually about gets lost as time goes on. Murkier and murkier.

Rob (Al Weaver – Colette, Doom) and Marta (Cristina Catalina – Eastern Promises) are a couple who have been together for a while and are living together. He still wants to keep it casual while she sees time marching on and wants a marriage proposal and a baby. When Marta forwards a marriage ultimatum, Rob panics. Begins to wonder if he actually loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with Marta. So his plan of action is to start the search for Miss Right. If she actually exists.

This is the last film in a trilogy of films by director and co-writer Col Spector spotlighting men and their relationships with women. This one concerns some men’s inability to commit. That they seem to think that there is always something better somewhere else. Rob is a flawed man. An often dislikable man. It is not often in romantic comedies that the lead is not someone you root for. Why? Because this is a tough ask. The rooting for Rob to find love is critical to the success of the film with the audience. We have to be invested in him finding love. Problem is you end up feeling he does not deserve it. Rob is selfish. Never thinking or making a decision for the benefit of anyone else but himself. Meaning we don’t see him deserving of that unidentifiable concept called love.

An appealing part of I’m Not in Love is the fact that it prods us to ask questions about ourselves. What we want out of love and our romantic relationships. In doing so it does not take the easy path. There are uncomfortable moments aplenty. But those are wisely tempered with equal doses of humour. A little sugar makes the medicine go down easier.

However, the medicine that is the film still remains a little too bitter for my liking. While the acting is decent and the writing is okay, the execution is not great. It plods along at a pace that makes you lose interest in the outcome. Pity.

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