Studio 666

Rock and roll and horror. An intriguing mixture, if you ask me. When you throw in that the rock band Foo Fighters is involved and the idea for the story came from none other than band frontman, Dave Grohl, then my interest was really piqued.

While this is not a great film, it certainly is a fun one! Equal parts gross out and silly. So if that is your cup of tea or if you are a fan of the band, then you will find yourself enjoying the watch.

Beloved rock band Foo Fighters are ready to record their highly anticipated 10th studio album. They decide to take up residence and record it in an infamous mansion located in Encino, California. The mansion has a celebrated history due to many other bands recording there over the years.

Once there, it does not go how the band hoped. Lead singer and guitarist, Dave Grohl, is struggling. Not with the music or drugs or depression, but is having some issues with supernatural forces which seem to be everywhere in the mansion. These forces put everything in jeopardy – the recording of the album and even the lives of the band members.

Great to have the Foo Fighters on the big screen. It seems like a natural fit and makes you wonder why it has not happened before. Though it does feature more gore than the animated series, there is something about Studio 666 which reminded me of Scooby-Doo. Kind of had that goofy tone to it. Shows that the band has no problems laughing at themselves. The film is filled with jokes and some good and some bad double entendres. There is also a soupcon of those cheesy gore horrors from the 80s.

At the beginning you might find yourself doubtful, but the silliness will win you over. Go in expecting a b movie horror and you won’t be disappointed.