The First Nudie Musical

Just as cheesy as you would expect based on the title. This is a re-release of the 1976 cult classic directed by the duo of Mark Haggard (The Love Garden) and Bruce Kimmel (Prime Suspect). Kimmel is also the writer and a supporting actor, so obviously, this was a passion project for him. Ok, I promise, no more bad sex puns. The First Nudie Musical is now available for the first time on VOD/Digital.

Picture a soft porn a la Bleu Nuit (only Quebecers will understand that reference) mixed with a musical with some really cheesy dialogue thrown in for good measure. And when I say cheesy I mean the whole block of cheese. Hold your nose and dive in. But do not cover your eyes as there is plenty of nudity to take in.

The son of a man who owns a film studio is trying to save the family business from going under. The financial situation is perilous. The creditors, smelling blood, are circling in the water. Just when it seems all hope is lost, Harry Schechter’s (Stephen Nathan – appeared in episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man and Bonanza) secretary, Rosie (Cindy Williams – from television’s Laverne & Shirley) comes up with an idea crazy enough that it just might work and save the studio.

Rosie suggests they make a musical, but not just any musical – the first nudie musical. The creditors are won over by the possibility. Their only provisos are that Harry completes the film in two weeks, that one of the creditor’s nephews (Bruce Kimmel – appeared in episodes of Happy Days and The Partridge Family) directs the film and if it fails they take over the studio. With his back to the wall, Harry agrees to the crazy deal and he and Rose set about trying to film The First Nudie Musical in two weeks.

This is campy and it knows it. It jumps into that pool with both feet. I mean what else can you say about a film with musical numbers featuring dancing dildos? Despite this combined with terrible or hammy acting and an obviously low budget, I found myself still won over by the film. Call me crazy! It is dirty without being too much so. There is an element of burlesque (which I love!) to all the musical numbers. A small cameo by a young Ron Howard. Annette O’Toole (Mickey Mouse Club fame) supplies one of the singing voices. I mean it is crap heaped upon crap and still made me laugh on occasion. Bravo Mr. Kimmel!

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