The Seed on Shudder

A girls weekend away sounds innocent enough, right? Not in this film. In this film a weekend amongst friends in the Mojave desert comes with death, horror and even aliens. Written and directed by Sam Walker (first feature-length film), The Seed is a horror/comedy with an interesting concept that gets in its own way, tripping up on the road to glory. Instead, we get a film which is rather dull and poorly executed.

Horror nowadays is often a disappointment. This one is full of potential to be a beloved cult classic. But the lack of an original idea takes the knees out from under a cast that tries its best. The conversations they are tasked with uttering are completely unbelievable and corny. Like no character has an IQ point to spare.

Three female friends, decide to spend time together over a weekend in the Mojave desert. The upcoming meteor shower is on everyone’s mind. Mostly how it will look on their Instagram accounts. That becomes secondary when an alien finds itself on their property. This creature from another part of the galaxy begins behaving even more strangely plus there is the blue oily substance it excretes. This weekend looks like it is going to be anything but fun.

The best part of this often painful film is the colour. Bright colours dominate. Looks kinda cool. Too bad the rest of the film does not share in its fun.

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