Silverstein Share New Single + Video “Ultraviolet”

Few bands on their 22nd lap around the scene could claim to be in “just getting started” mode as much as punk stalwarts Silverstein. The forthcoming release of their tenth studio album, Misery Made Me (out May 6th via UNFD), finds the group springboarding off the heights they’ve reached over the past handful of years; their latest album (2020’s A Beautiful Place To Drown) adding 80 million streams to a mind-numbing career total of 500 million; it collecting a nomination for Rock Album Of The Year at the esteemed JUNO Awards.

The album’s first single, “Ultraviolet,” dives deep into feelings of desperation, describing the utter helplessness of losing control to anxiety.

Ultraviolet” is about feeling powerless and under the control of the chemicals in your brain. Ultraviolet light itself being invisible felt like the right way to describe this notion. To get lost in this unseeable thing. UV also causes physical damage to our skin, so it serves as a sort of “proof” that something invisible like anxiety can hurt us. – guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau.

It’s both intriguing and inspiring that a band – who could have merely rested on the impressive legacy they’ve already cemented – would continue to dig deep and find the inspiration to reach people in meaningful new ways. Misery Made Me is a campaign hinged on Silverstein‘s reflection and gratitude for their roots, their honouring of their earliest fans, and their staunch desire to explore forward-thinking and adventurous ways to connect with new ones.

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