Jaylen (Skylan Brooks – Southpaw, Seven Pounds) has two strikes against him – he is new in town and is also one of the few blacks. So when after a party he attended a girl named Amira (Clark Backo – from television’s Letterkenny) goes missing, it is not surprising that Jaylen is suspect number one. Small southern towns are not the safest places for a black teenage male. Still, Jaylen is going to try and prove his innocence. But once he starts what he uncovers begins to show that there is some weird otherworldly force at play.

Prejudice is something that has really shot the forefront of late. It seems to be everywhere and behind many news stories. It is a subject that should have been addressed and eliminated a long time ago. It hasn’t and so will crop up everywhere in art. Social commentary is a key element of film. When done well, that is. Here it is derivative. Filled with tons of stereotypes and cliches.

Director Delmar Washington is going for mystery here. Despite the fact that you see what he is attempting, it is still a tangled mess. No suspense constructed brings about boredom. As Jaylen, we are hopeful in the beginning. Hopeful that we will get something that is entertaining. It begins with a rather fun eerie tone then it falls apart. Just confusing. Never really gets to a payoff.

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