Jethica @ SXSW

Low budget films do not necessarily mean lower quality. They provide film fans with a myriad of options especially when it comes to the subject. Eliminating things like superhero or tent pole films, the world or the limits of human imagination are filmmakers’ limits. Here Pete Ohs (Youngstown, Everything Beautiful is Far Away) attempts a rather complex film with plenty going on including stalking and ghosts in a rather minimalist way. Certainly is ambitious!

After a one night stand Elena (Callie Hernandez – Under the Silver Lake, La La Land), just wants to move on whereas the guy wants to get to know her. He manages to get her to talk about her past. About why she fled to New Mexico. The story that comes is certainly not your run-of-the-mill one.

Elena starts a story that begins with her running off to New Mexico to hide out after she hit someone, killing them while driving and texting. While in New Mexico, Elena runs into a high friend at a gas station. Elena and Jessica (Ashley Denise Robinson – The Watchman) talk about how long it has been and what they have been up to in life. Elena invites Jessica back to her place to continue the conversation over a cup of coffee.

On the way, Jessica tells Elena that she moved to New Mexico from California to get away from a guy stalking her named Kevin. That he was completely out of control. When they stop to look at some local ruins they see an odd man stumbling about talking to himself. Freaked out a little, Elena and Jessica leave. Once at Elena’s place, which is in the middle of nowhere, the strange man is back. Elena says she thinks it is Kevin (Will Madden – Thunder Road, Beast Beast). Jessica finally admits it cannot be as she killed Kevin. Strange things are happening.

Ghosting is a term which is quite recent and quite popular. It means to completely drop out of someone’s life with no warning. Ignore calls. Ignore texts. Disappear. In this film that term takes on a couple of meanings.

A film filled with odd humour done in a rather deadpan style. While this is not a good film there are still enough interesting elements to hold a viewer’s attention throughout the short 70 minute run time.

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