Dexter: New Blood – Blu-ray Edition

As we left our favourite (?) serial killer, Dexter (played by Michael C. Hall) disappeared into the teeth of a hurricane. You had to know he was coming back, didn’t you? I mean, the series was an incredibly popular one. But what I did not expect was that it would take a decade. 10 years is a long time! Would audiences have moved on or would they return to the creepy world of Dexter? As with most things, that depends on the quality.

Dexter is now living in a small town (where else would a serial killer disappear to?) under a different name. Living a quiet life and not killing anyone in Iron Lake, New York, Dexter seems to be loving his new life that does not involve blood, disposing of bodies and murder. But you have to know that his Dark Passenger is going to reappear eventually, right?

Now living as Jim Lindsay, Dexter has undergone a rebirth. Living his life without killing and even dating the town’s sheriff, Angela Bishop (played by ). He seems to be walking on the path of the straight and narrow.

So after eight successful seasons, Dexter is back for number nine. Ten episodes of the same type of quality you knew and loved from the Showtime series. The excellent Michael C. Hall is back as the lead as well as Jennifer Carpenter as the serial killer’s sister, Deb. Many fans of the series were not thrilled with the previous ending and now they are back for another kick at the can.

A very different setting from steamy and beachy Miami, though rural upstate New York kinda matches the detached nature of the lead character. Also, from a technical aspect, the series is different. The direction and even editing have been changed up a little. What has not changed is the examination of humans’ dark side. That we all have one. How we deal with it is how we are judged for it. Again, though he is a serial killer, we don’t think harshly of Dexter. We understand why he behaves as he does and even cheer him on. That is a sign of great stories, acting and writing.

Special Features:

  • Why Now?
  • Dissecting DEXTER: NEW BLOOD – Deb is Back
  • Dissecting DEXTER: NEW BLOOD – The Kill Room
  • All Out on the Table