Tyler, the Creator – “Corso” @ SXSW

Not often that we review music videos here on Orcasound, but when Tyler, the Creator (who was just in Montreal for a stop on his latest tour) releases a new video at SXSW then you sit up and take notice. And let people know about it.

“Corso” is the track and the video was part of the Music Video Competition at SXSW.

At 5:31 long, the video involves a little bit of acting and backstory to go along with Tyler, the Creator performing the song at a children’s birthday party at the request of his pal. He agrees after his friend begs for a bit and despite it being a kid’s party, the language you’ve come to expect from the rapper is there.

The video begins with two teenagers talking in an alley. One (who is played by Tyler, the Creator’s nephew) is pissed as his bike has a flat and they won’t be able to get to where they are going at the time he wanted to. He tells his friend to knock on the door of the place they are at. Despite the knocking, no one answers the door. He then looks through a circular window and sees there are indeed people inside.

Cut to inside to a kid’s party and Tyler, the Creator getting up to do a song. It is a rather funny song about driving Rolls Royce, buying boats, owning multiple houses, and crying on a jet. Sad to be single despite all the money. How much money is being spent to fill the void felt.

The track “Corso” can be found on Tyler’s seventh studio album, Call Me If You Get Lost. It was produced by DJ Drama.