Vincent Kelner’s documentary ‘A TASTE OF WHALE’ to be released in THEATERS & ON PRIME VIDEO & APPLE TV ON MAY 27

Every year, hundreds of pilot whales are hunted in the fjords of the Faroe Islands an ancient tradition known as “The Grind”.  International animal rights activists, including Sea Shepherd and Pamela Anderson, fight to eradicate this bloody massacre while the Faroese denounce the hypocrisy of those who eat meat without criticizing what is happening in slaughterhouses and industries polluting our planet. 

“I wanted to rely on the specific circumstances of the Faroe Islands to reflect on a significant, global issue of our time,” said director Vincent Kelner.  “In presenting the perspectives of both whalers and activists through four endearing and passionate persons, I wanted the audience to bear witness to the “Grind” and to confront a practice too often taken for granted: in order to get meat on the table someone has to kill a living being. In the Faroe Islands, this is not just happening behind the closed doors of slaughterhouses but in the open, on the beach, for everyone to see.”

A Taste of Whale was produced by Warboys’ Rémi Grellety (I Am Not Your Negro, HBO’s Exterminate All The Brutes).

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