Ink & Linda @ Dance Camera West

Sometimes in life the best things come about out of unexpected occurrences. This is Ink & Linda, a film that investigates the friendship between two unlikely types – a young male Vietnamese-American street artist and a woman in her 70s who was a modern dancer. Not the first people who come to mind when you are thinking of friends, are they? And yet between Ink and Linda it works.

This feature-length documentary opened the Dance Camera West film festival. It is directed by Stuart C. Paul and is a celebration of diversity and differences. Shows how different people can still like one another and become close. Despite the fact that they are from different generations and express themselves via different art forms, Brandon Lam or Inksap (aka Ink) and Linda relate on a deep level. He is a street artist in his 20s who moved to the United States as a child and she is considered as the elder stateswoman of the modern dance scene in the U.S.

Boundaries are not always to be respected. The boundaries of years and art form stand in between Ink and Linda and yet they have crossed them to become close friends. People who relate, create together and respect one another. They have gone against what the art world and society at large expects or even recommends. It works for them. It makes them better artists. Within the street art world in Los Angeles they have become a well-known team.

Those on the outside might question many things about their friendship. This is where Paul’s doc steps in. As a way to explain them to the world. Paul allows them through their art and words, explain why they are friends. We go back to the beginning to find out how it all began for the two. What brought them together and what keeps them together. How their art partnership led to a deep friendship.

Humans need meaning. In what they do and who they spend their time with. There are many levels of meaning going on between Ink and Linda. Two people from completely different worlds but their coming together gave meaning to who they are and what they do. Through them and their partnership, we have a glimpse at what it means to be a true artist.

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