A short film directed by Eitan Pitigliani shines a light on how even after death the love of a parent for a child can make a difference. Grief is touch. There is no real way to lessen the grief you feel when you lose a loved one. You just have to go through it and it is different for everyone. Here we get a true story inspired by a son dealing with the loss of his beloved mother.

Pitigliani lost his own mother and used that experience in the conceiving and making of this 20 minute film. It is a beautiful way to honour her. Luca (Vincenzo Vivenzio) has struggled after the death of his mother, so much so that he has turned away from life. Living on the street he just seems to want to be alone. No one seems to be able to reach him.

On a rare visit to see his father, Antonio (Fortunato Cerlino – Inferno), while locked in a room, Luca finds himself visited by a young girl named Sissy (Dea Lanzaro) who claims to be the younger version of his deceased mother. She presses him to look at life beyond his grief. This visit is going to be a changing point in Lucas’s life.

Every one of us will experience loss of some type in our lives. This is what makes a film like this so relatable. We all have felt (on different levels) the sadness that comes with the death of someone we love. Seeing that grief up on screen and that there is always hope even for those who have lost themselves in their sadness. All we need is a change of perspective. How we can feel sad, but we have to move on.

All this is laid out for the viewer not only through the dialogue and storyline but also through the visuals of the film. The colours used change depending on how the mindset of Luca changes or what Sissy brings with her.

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